Say Something are an improvised comedy company based in Middlesbrough. We run improv courses, events and performances in Teesside and the North East.


Our events


Say Something delight audiences with our fast, funny, friendly improv comedy shows – all crafted on the spot from your suggestions.

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A Taste of Improv

A fabulously free, welcoming taster session that’s open to everyone.

Drop in to find out what improv comedy is all about.

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Come and jam with us! Improjam is an informal workshop/show hybrid open to all improvisers. Can you win the jam?

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Improv Fundamentals

A fun, foundational six-week improv course.

Perfect for complete beginners or those with some experience looking to hone their craft in a welcoming environment.

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What is improvised comedy?

Improvised Comedy or “Improv” is a type of theatre in which players devise comedic characters, dialogue and action on the spot without a pre-written script.

You might have seen examples live or in TV shows like “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and “Murder in Successville” / “Murderville”.

As well as being great fun, practicing and performing Improv is excellent at developing skills in: acting and performance; public speaking and confidence; communication and teamwork; and problem solving skills.

You don’t have to be funny or think of yourself as a comedian to do improv comedy. Funny situations naturally arise by applying simple techniques while supporting your fellow players. If you focus on performing strong scenes, you’ll “find the funny” effortlessly.

Improv comes from a theatrical tradition, so it doesn’t have the same expectations of dealing with hecklers that might seem slightly intimidating about stand-up comedy. Improvisers come from all kinds of performance backgrounds and none!

About us

Stuart Young


Stuart is an improv coach with more than a decade of experience. Prior to moving to Middlesbrough, he was the artistic director of Prague’s Script for Brains company. He’s also been an instructor at Cheltenham’s Comic Sans Script, as well as a founding member (showing his age here…) of The University of York’s The Shambles.

Stuart is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for participants to learn improv, hone their performance skills, and above all; just have fun! He believes that improv is a learned skill like times tables or riding a bike. You might be nervous or you might be a natural, but with the right support, everyone can become skilled in improv comedy.

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